Small Business Program

Small Business & Employee Development Program

HCA's Small Business & Employee Development Program is geared to growing small businesses in this industry. 

Benefits of Membership

* Opportunities to meet decision makers in civil construction

* Learn the minimum skill sets for underground and paving construction

* Events tailored to small businesses in civil construction

* Access to industry specific training and certifications

Upcoming Opportunities
* Lunch & Learns for free training to small businesses

* Construction Coaching

* Meet & Greet events with the Prime Contractors

Membership Cost
$250 new membership for the first year

Join Now by contacting Kim Sturgis at

HCA's Small Business & Employee Development Program is also committed to helping individuals find work in the civil construction industry. If you meet the following requirements, please click here to share your work history and the type of work you are seeking. 

* No violent or sex offender criminal history
* Reliable transportation

* Able to work outdoors

* Willing to work 50-60 hour work week