HCA Committees


HCA Committee Chairs are selected by the current president and hold the position for one year. Each chairman is responsible for the selection of their committee members and all HCA members are eligible to sit on a committee. The duties of the chair and the committee members are to help the president in serving the membership by taking on the responsibility of managing special issues dealing with the civil construction industry. The City of Houston and Harris County, when updating their plans and specifications documents bring them to be reviewed by our committees before making them public. This gives the City and the County an opportunity to have their documents thoroughly vetted by the industry that it will affect prior to it becoming the law of the land, and allows for a much cleaner transition from the old documents to the new.

City Government Relations

Chair: Gregg Reyes, Reytec Construction Resources, Inc.
Email: greyes@reytec.net

Reviews policies and issues that occur at the city level that affects the civil construction industry in the greater Houston area. 

Clay Shoot Committee

Chair: Will Peltier, Peltier Brothers Construction
Email: willp@peltierbros.com

Oversee the planning and operations of the annual HCA sporting clay shoot.

County Government Relations Committee

Chair: Steve Jarvis, Beyer Construction, LLC
Email: sjarvis@beyertx.com

Reviews policies and issues that occur at the county level that affects the civil construction industry in the greater Houston area. 

Education Committee

Chair: Curtis Martin, Peckar & Abramson, P.C.
Email: cmartin@pecklaw.com

Provides educational seminars on varying topics of interest for HCA members.

Flood Committee

Chair: Tom Dillard, Champions Hydro Lawn
Email: tdillard@champhydro.com

Works with the Harris County Flood Control Division to perform plan and specification reviews and to discuss topic of interest.

Golf Committee

Chair: Bob Nelson, ACT Pipe & Supply, Inc.
Email: bob@actpipeandsupply.com

Oversees the planning and operation of the Spring and Fall golf tournaments. The golf tournaments are HCA's primary fundraising tools for the political action committee, HOUCONPAC.

Management Development Committee

Chair: Steven Aranda, Reytec Construction Resources, Inc

Email: saranda@reytec.net

Promotes networking and socialization among HCA's newer generation of contractors and future company mangers in the civil construction industry in Houston. 

Membership Committee

Chair: Ken Rickett, Doggett Heavy Machinery Services

Email: ken.rickett@doggett.com

Finding new ways to promote our association while bringing in new civil contractors and associates. 

MWBE Committee

Chair: David Boehm, NBG Constructors, Inc.
Email: davidb@nbgconstructors.com

Oversees the City of Houston's efforts to maintain its affirmative action program. MWBE specifically deals with issues regarding good faith efforts and disparity studies.

Neighborhood Committee

Chair: Sherry Barker, C. E. Barker, LTD
Email: sherry@cebarkerltd.com

Neighborhood Committee interacts with regional, private neighborhood developers and improves the lines of communication between the developers and the contractors. 


OBO Committee

Chair: Alicia Jimerson, Jimerson Underground, Inc.
Email: alicia@jimerson.net

Reviews policies and issues that occur relating to the City's Office of Business Opportunities.

Safety Committee

Chair: Hugh Brightwell, PLW Waterworks, LLC
Email: hbrightwell@PLWus.com

Promotes and educates HCA members on the topic of workplace safety.The safety committee also oversees the planning and award of the HCA annual Safety Award.

Small Business Committee

Chair: Kristin Rickett, Collaborative Engineering Group

Review policies regarding women in construction and oversee the creation and management of a business training program for growing civil construction companies.

State Government Relations Committee

Chair: Mark Boyer, Boyer, Inc.
Email: mboyer@boyerinc.com

Reviews policies and issues that occur at the state level that affects the civil construction industry in the greater Houston area.