R.P. Doss Endowment Fund

R.P. Doss Endowment Fund

The R.P. Doss Endowment Fund was created from the Richard Head Scholarship fund that was formed years ago for three siblings of Mr. Head. When these three recipients reached the age limit to receive this scholarship Mr. Mike Graver (a trustee for the Head Scholarship) formed the R.P. Doss Endowment Fund to be controlled by the Houston Contractors Associations' President, Vice President & Secretary Treasurer. These funds are to be used for higher education of a qualified HCA member or former member. The applicant will apply for these funds and the R.P. Doss Endowment board will review the application and determine the financial need.


We Are Now Accepting Applications

We are now accepting applications for the R.P. Doss Endowment Fund. The HCA Board of Directors requests that each applicant submit an essay to the board answering this question; “What benefit will you bring to the civil construction industry if awarded a scholarship?”  Essays must be received by the end of May.  We will be reviewing all applications at the July Board Meeting. Scholarships will be awarded at that time and recipients notified.  Essays can be uploaded when the online application is completed via the link below. Please email Antonette Skrabanek with any questions pertaining to the essay or the application process.

Click Here To Apply - HCA Members Only

Rules & Regulations

Criteria for Eligibility:

  1. Be related to a member or a former member of HCA, either through family relation, employment or personal association.

Criteria for Selection:

  1. Show inancial need
  2. Currently enrolled in a college, university or trade school (“Educational facility”)
  3. Show the ability and perseverance required to complete a degree or program at their facility
  4. Applicant provides assurance that they remain enrolled in their facility

Grants will be Determined on an as Needed Basis

Determination of each Grant Amount:

  1. The amount of the grants will be determined by the needs of the applicants and the availability of funds.
  2. Grants will be reviewed annually, renewals will be based on attendance, ability to continue, financial need, and other considerations.

Procedures for Supervision of Grants:

Grants will be reviewed annually, reviews may include grade transcripts, attendance records, and ability to persevere and complete the program.

Selection Committee:

Selection Committee is made up of the President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer of the Houston Contractors Association. If the office of President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasure is vacated the remaining officers will appoint a successor.

Relatives of Members:

If a relative of the selection committee is applying for an award, the committee member that is a relative will relinquish their place on the selection committee to the Executive Vice President of HCA for that applicant.

Conformation of Endowment Fund:

The trustees must conform and abide by the attached agreement (The R.P. Doss Houston Contractors’ Association Endowment Fund Houston, Texas)