HCA Sponsorship

Sponsorship Benefits

The Houston Contractors Association is a group comprised of the civil construction industry's leading companies as well as small businesses just starting to take off. By being a sponsor of HCA's many events, your company will have exclusive access to our members and make contacts with prime contractors. You company will increase brand awareness, have an advantage over competitors, and earn a positive return on investment. 

Brand Awareness

Being a sponsor of an HCA event puts your company front and center of your target market. Each sponsor earns benefits in the form of signage at the event, a promotional booth, recognition at the event, inclusion in press releases, and being featured on all HCA's social media platforms. These benefits will earn your company attention from a diverse group of members increasing your company's market reach and brand awareness. 

Competitive Advantage

Sponsoring an event is a unique opportunity for your company to earn a competitive advantage. An essential part of a business's success is having a strong network, and by sponsoring an HCA event, you will strategically create a competitive differentiation by dramatically increasing your company's social capital. People ultimately choose to do business with people they know and like. 

Positive ROI

Choosing to be a sponsor of an HCA event is a business decision with the desired outcome being a positive return on investment. With all the benefits provided to sponsors, companies will enjoy increased exposure for a relatively inexpensive cost. HCA event sponsorship levels range from $250 to $5,000 so you can choose the events and sponsorship levels which best suit your company. 

Thank you for your interest in being a sponsor of an HCA event. With monthly luncheons, two golf tournaments, a clay shoot, management trip and Christmas dinner, we hope that you find an event or two which you would like to sponsor. When you choose to be a sponsor, please view our pricing page or contact Antonette Skrabanek at 713-349-9434 or askrabanek@houstoncontractors.org