HCA History


Spring of 1956, a small, but prominent group of civil contractors began to meet in a bowling alley in Bellaire, Texas. Their goal was to form a group that would benefit the city of Houston civil construction industry. In that era, Houston didn’t have an association that would deal with civil construction issues.  The founding fathers decided to form the Houston Utility & Paving Contractors Association, which later became the Houston Contractors Association.  This group, which began with less than 15 contractors, quickly grew and eventually incorporated in 1963.


HCA has now grown into an organization of over 100 contractor members and 300 associate members. Our members have performed over $2 billion annually in labor work and services along with forming a strong backbone in the civil construction industry in the Greater Houston area. HCA members preformed the first large diameter tunnel, have built three airports, pioneered Micro tunneling and directional drilling, built and maintained two dams, cleaned and rebuilt Houston after 3 hurricanes, demolished derelict buildings, built parks, paved the majority of all the roads in the greater Houston area, supported bond elections, built two generations of sports facilities, survived the 80’s, built a light rail line and fought for a fair and open bidding process. All while remaining as friendly competitors who, when called upon, have and will continue to put the good of the industry ahead of their own immediate interests.

For over 60 years, HCA has worked in partnership with the City of Houston, Harris County Public Infrastructure Division, the Harris County Flood Control District, the Harris County Toll Road Authority, the Port of Houston Authority, METRO and many other city and local government authorities to provide the best possible civil construction services at fair prices for taxpayers in the Greater Houston area. We look forward to continuing and building upon these relationships over the next upcoming years as we work together to make our city a better place to live.

2020 proudly marks the 64th anniversary of the Houston Contractors Association.