HCA Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Houston Contractors Association’s Board of Directors is comprised of four Officers and nine Directors. The Officers consist of the President, Vice President/Treasurer, Secretary and the Immediate Past President. The Director positions consist of five contractor members, three associate members and one Director Emeritus position. The Directors are elected annually and serve a two year term except for the Director Emeritus who only serves a one year term. The Officer positions are for two to three year terms depending upon the position. The Secretary position is a two year term and is reserved for an associate member only. All other officer positions can only be held by a contractor member. Each Officer starts out by being elected to the Vice President/Treasurer position where they will serve for one year. At the end of that year a new Officer is elected as Vice President/Treasurer and the current occupant graduates up to the President position. The President becomes the Immediate Past President. The Immediate Past President serves as an advisor to the incoming president and is the chair of the political action committee. The Board of Directors has full direction of all affairs and management of the association.


2019 Board of Directors

Executive Board

Anthony Colombo
, President
mc2 civil, inc.

Chris Smith, Vice President/Treasurer
PLW Waterworks, LLC.

Steven Kennedy, Secretary
Ferguson Waterworks

David Boehm, Past President
NBG Constructors

Board of Directors

Chase Albritton
Contractors Paving Supply, Inc.
Steven Aranda
Reytec Construction Resources, Inc.

Cody Burgin
Millis Equipment

Craig Drachman
Associated Steel Fabricators, Inc.

Jon Harper
Harper Brothers Construction, LLC

Jeff Heflin
Huff & Mitchell Inc.

Steve Jarvis, Director Emeritus
Beyer Construction, LLC

Curtis Lindsey
Lindsey Construction, Inc.

Jeremy Peltier
Peltier Brothers Construction

Ben Westcott
Andrews Myers, PC