HCA Membership Benefits

Member Benefits

Some of the benefits of joining HCA include:


1.       Industry Representation and Advocacy:  Local governmental entities make more changes and place more requirements on the construction industry than either the State or Federal bureaucracies.  This is because locally construction is a bigger part of their annual budget.  HCA invests the time to build relationships with the elected officials, work with them on construction related policy issues and provide free plan review services for their public works departments.


2.       Marketing, Public Relations, and Economic Development:  HCA stands as the local face of the civil construction industry, promoting and supporting issues that increase economic development and construction opportunities in the region.  HCA was instrumental in the passage of the $2.5 billion Harris County bond initiative to address flooding issues raised by Hurricane Harvey.  We were also heavily involved in the Rebuild Houston effort that created the drainage fee and locked in funds for both streets and drainage in Houston for the next 20 years.  At the state level, we strongly backed the state water bond reauthorization and Proposition one that allowed for a portion of existing oil and natural gas production taxes (also known as severance taxes) to be divided evenly between the Economic Stabilization Fund (ESF) and the State Highway Fund (SHF). 


3.       New - HCA Affinity Medical Program:  For months now, the HCA Board of Directors has been working with a well regarded and trusted insurance provider to create a special healthcare insurance program just for HCA members and their families. We are so pleased to introduce this new program - the HCA Affinity Medical Program - to our current and prospective members. We believe that you may be able to save between 5% to 15% or more from what you are currently paying. Best of all, you don't have to wait for the traditional 'open enrollment' period to sign up -- you can start right now. Learn more now or please call 281-371-6061 or email HCAaffinityprogram@outlook.com to speak with an insurance specialist and receive a no obligation proposal.

4.       Relationship Development Within the Industry:  The greatest benefit that membership in HCA provides is the opportunity to meet other professionals in the construction industry.  The HCA monthly luncheons provide an excellent forum for this where members of our industry gather to discuss the issues of the day.  It is here that the subcontractor will meet a prime, a prime will meet new vendors and suppliers can make new contacts.   This is where your future business is made.


5.       Special Events:  HCA offers a wide array of social events for our members to enjoy including a spring and fall golf tournament, clay shoot tournament, monthly luncheons, networking mixers, management trip, and the HCA Christmas Party.  All of our social events are designed to entertain our members as well as allow for social networking.


6.       Education and Training:  HCA strives to provide its membership with the educational and training opportunities that a company needs to stay on top of an ever changing industry.  Through our Education and Safety Committees, HCA provides seminars on the latest changes to such areas as insurance, bonding, SWPPP, safety issues, changes in construction contracts and much more.  These seminars are usually provided free of charge as a service to our members.


HCA also offers its members free use of our conference rooms and meeting spaces, free wifi and full access to our website with online calendar, event registration and membership directory.