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COVID-19 Response: Ask Congress to Support Infrastructure Investment

Tuesday, April 14, 2020  

COVID-19 Response: Ask Congress to Support Infrastructure Investment.


Talk of a federal infrastructure stimulus package is occurring in Washington.This topic has been discussed and rejected many times in the past, however with the economic impact being caused by the Corona virus, this has now become a bipartisan issue.


History has shown passage of a broad infrastructure investment package helps communities recover, creates jobs and spurs the economy. The next round of stimulus should include funding for building roads, transit systems, airports and water projects, among other forms of infrastructure putting thousands back to work and boosting our communities' vital public services.


Civil Construction has a long history of helping our nation recover in difficult times such as these. Now's the time to urge Congress to pass an infrastructure investment plan.


Here's How You Can Help

We have an opportunity to impact the quality of infrastructure, not only for our local community, but for the nation as a whole.Please take a moment to send your letter of support to your Senators and Congressman and push for approval of a federal infrastructure stimulus package.


Click Below for the Letter

Letter to Congress Urging Infrastructure Investment Stimulus Package