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April 2018 Luncheon - Speaker: Commissioner Steve Radack's Speech:

Monday, May 21, 2018  
Posted by: Emelie Englehart
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April 2018 Luncheon - Speaker: Commissioner Steve Radack's Speech:


April 26, 2018 Luncheon



He started off stating he believes in privatization.  He’s seen over the years, he has fewer employees than several years ago.  If you kept your prices reasonable, he would love to privatize everything we can.  He is still striving to do that as many HCA members know. We have right now going into Precinct 3 about $60m worth of Harris County infrastructure projects and hope to do another $25-$30M more this year.  We’ll continue to bid - one thing I believe in strongly – I believe bidding with incentives.  Well over 90% of the jobs we bid are with incentives.  And during some bad times, about the only money we made was based upon incentives.  Y’all work with us, we try to work with you.   They’re going to ask the Governor to have a bond election on August 25th, which would be the 1st anniversary of [Hurricane] Harvey.  Some people believe it should be in November, but the turn out in November would be ~1M people.  You listen to people that are misguided missiles, such as Paul Bettencourt, who want to sit there and cap this, cap that and who are rolling in the dough according to some people.  Yet, the state of Texas has almost $11B in the Rainy-Day Fund.  Interestingly, the state of Texas in Harris County collects over $5.5B a year in sales tax.  Why doesn’t the state of Texas give Harris County 20% of the Rainy-Day Fund for the next 5 years and we won’t need to have a bond election and we can really get growing.  Well, so far, no response from Austin.  There is a lot of talk, and we’ll as for $2.5B in this bond election.  We need to move forward and be prepared to vote on the tax increase necessary to be able to sell those bonds.  They won’t need to be sold overnight – we can do commercial paper.  If the people approve the bonds then we’ll be able to move forward.  What does “moving forward” really mean around Harris Co.?  This 2018 election will be so important to some of you from this stand point.  Harris County commissioners court has 3 members up for election.  If 2 of them lose, Rodney Ellis will take over commissioners’ court with a totally inexperienced county judge.  And if Jack Mormon loses, you’ll have a guy who is a pathetic sheriff as the county commissioner in Precinct 2.  It takes 3 votes in commissioners’ court to get anything done, 3 out of 5.  So right off the bat they can vote to take all the money out of Precinct 3 &2, or 4.  It will be devastating to Harris Co.  People believe the only thing important in Harris Co. is the city of Houston – another misguided missile.  Some people in the 3rd quarter next year, the City of Houston could declare bankruptcy.  In result, our bond ratings would crater – very devastating.  You need to go vote, get your people, and minorities to vote republican.  Its absolutely possible that every single county wide, except for ed Emmett could lose this election.  There’s almost 80 judges on the ballot, 10 of which are on the 1st and 14th court of appeals.  This is the most important election to Harris Co. government.  In my district, I hope to get an additional $60M in flood control work within 12 months.  We have some funding already, so you’ll see things going out to bid in just a few weeks.  We need to build infrastructure that lasts, not the glamourous/ fancy/ impractical.  We need a lot of people working, and hard, to continue to build this county.  Some people thinks we should fund social programs and neglect our streets and infrastructure.  You need to fund incumbents that support you and infrastructure.  If not, you find their opponents and support them.  That’s why some people in this room, contractors, need to run for public office.  A problem is that the straight ticket option won’t be available for the next elections, which will make voting take longer and deter people all together.  We have to make sure those people aren’t republicans.  I was the only person on the commissioner’s court that has voted for a tax increase.  He’s raised the tax 7 cents with a result of $44M.  So, 7 cents multiplied by $44M.  We’ve had that much more funding because of the people who voted against their party and for the betterment of Houston. 


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