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HCA Holds its Annual Forecast Luncheon

Monday, February 27, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Jeffrey Nielsen
February 2017 Cover Story

HCA Holds its Annual Forecast Luncheon


The Houston Contractors Association held their twelfth annual construction forecast presentation at the January luncheon.  This popular event always draws a large crowd and this year was no exception with an estimated 340 attendees turning out for this, the first luncheon of the year.  The attendees got to hear presentations from various representatives of regional public entities give their construction projections for 2017.  The list of speakers was as follows; from the Texas Department of Transportation we had the District Engineer, Quincy Allen.  Speaking for Harris County PID was Reid Mrsny, with the Design Services Division of the Public Infrastructure Department.  Attending from Harris County Flood Control was the Director of Engineering, Alan Black. Also present was the Assistant Director of Maintenance & Traffic Engineering for the Harris County Toll Road Authority, Quinton Alberto.  Mr. Alberto was followed by Carol Haddock, Deputy Director of Public Works for the City of Houston.  She was followed by the Deputy Assistant Director, Office of Business Opportunities, Houston Airport System Jason McLemore.  We also had the Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of Pasadena, Mr. Mark Gardemal.  City Engineer, Mr. Christopher Steubing with the City of Sugar Land was the next speaker followed by Cara Davis, Projects Manager for the City of Pearland.  Next was Scott Elmer, Assistant City Manager for Missouri City, followed by Pedro Gonzales, Mentoring Programs Manager for the Port of Houston.

Highlights of the presentations

Quincy Allen with TxDOT started the presentations stating that in February they have a $10.7 million roadway reconstruction project on Caroline Street and Elgin. In March there are three jobs in Fort Bend County totaling $26 million to remove and replace a railroad underpass.  In April there is a $91 million Gulf Freeway job from Nasa Road 1 to FM 518.  In May there is a $56 million job on Hempstead Road to replace the railroad underpass.  In June TxDOT will rebuild a section of I-10 from the Brazos river to FM 359 for $188 million.  There will be a $227 million job on I-69 and 610 West Loop where TxDOT will be rebuilding the interchanges and work on the drainage.

Reid Mrsny with Harris County PID stated that the County forecast is very similar to what they had last year.  This year the County is looking at $200 million worth of road and bridge work which should translate into about 30 good sized projects.  There will also be a lot of smaller projects as the precincts are looking to do a lot of intersection improvements.  Mr. Mrsny stated that he had received several questions regarding the County’s last bond election.  The County has not used any of those funds to date, however they do anticipate spending some of that money by the end of this year.  That will depend upon the interest rates and the precinct’s needs.  Mr. Mrsny also stated that starting in March or April the County should be completely switched over to the electronic submittal process.  

Alan Black with Harris County Flood Control stated that the list of projects provided in the attendee packet came with known funding sources.  He noted that sometimes you have a rain event like Houston had with the tax day flood that ended with a Presidential disaster declaration.  That declaration freed up additional funding sources that can be used to repair the damage caused by those floods.  Mr. Black stated that after the flood waters had receded, they went out and flew over most of the northern portion of Harris County, obtaining aerial imagery that was in turn given to a consultant to review.  That consultant came back with over 2000 sites that were damaged as a result of that flood.  Flood Control went through and categorized the sites, and just the worst of the worst projects total more than $30 million.  Mr. Black stated that Harris County Flood Control will start to populate the existing slate of projects with new projects that are to be funded through the recovery funds from the flooding as that money becomes available.  Mr. Black also talked about a unique collaborative effort between Flood Control and the City of Houston where the City applied for a loan from the Texas Water Development Board.  That money would be used to pre-fund the remaining portions of project Brays.

Quinton Alberto with Harris County Toll Road Authority was next and said that the last few years have been a very busy time for the Toll Road Authority and that trend looks to be continuing this year.  This is looking to be one of the most ambitious years since the beginning of the toll road Authority with almost a billion dollars in construction this year alone.  Mr. Alberto stated that there will be a $200 million widening of the Sam Houston Tollway from IH 45 to SH 225 which will be in support of the ship channel bridge widening.  The ship channel bridge widening will be done as three separate contracts with only two of the contracts being let this year.  The main bridge has an estimated cost of $605 million and the approach is an additional $120 million. On the maintenance side there is about $20 million worth of work spread out through the year.

Carol Haddock with the City of Houston began her comments by stating that in the next 18 months, the City of Houston is going to award almost $1.3 billion in water, wastewater, street and storm sewer projects.  There will be over $160 million in large diameter water lines spent in the coming year and a half.  There will be between eight to ten different projects ranging in size from 108” to 120” lines.  Mrs. Haddock noted that these are just the trunk lines and that there will be other entities putting in their own lines to tie into these.  She noted that if you are in the water line business, the next three years are going to be a very busy time for you.  Overall there will be 42 water projects totaling $387 million.  In the wastewater area there will be a total of 45 projects totaling $372 million spread out over eleven different plants, 6 different force mains, 32 lift stations, 14 regional lift stations and the neighborhood replacement projects.  Under street and traffic improvements, the City has $287 million in 34 projects with the majority of that being thoroughfares either replacement or widening.  Under storm water the City projects to spend $227 million over 25 different projects.

Next up was Jason McLamore with the Houston Airport System.  Mr. McLamore stated that there are about $300 million worth of hangars that will be going up at the airports.  There is some airfield pavement repair.  The airport system is preparing for the arrival of category 6 aircraft which is the A380.  These aircraft have a wider wingspan which means that all of the runways and taxiways will need to be widened by anywhere between 12 and 18 feet.  This will mean a lot of construction work at the airport over the next ten years.  There is an electrical power generation plant that is under design with an estimated cost of $225 million.  There will be over $30 million spent on Ellington Field to promote that location as a space port for private industry.  Mr. McLamore stated they have an architect and an engineer for the Mickey Leeland Terminal redevelopment. Mr. McLamore said that they hope to take a proposal to Council in the next 60 days for a construction manager at risk proposal for the actual construction.  This will be a $600 million plus terminal that is estimated to take over six years to complete.

Mark Gardemal with the City of Pasadena stated that they have about $4 to $5 million worth of paving projects over the next year.  Along with an additional $5 to $7 million worth of sewer and water projects.  

Christopher Steubing with the City of Sugar Land was the next presenter.  Mr. Steubing stated that the Sugar Land Smart Financial Centre is now open and has several great shows coming to town.  Sugar Land is still working on its 2013 Parks Bond package.  He stated that the city has approved over $55 million over the next five years on roads along with $45 million in drainage improvements over the same period of time.  He stated that there would be an airport maintenance building coming out later this year estimated at $2.2 million.  Mr. Steubing noted that they are replacing the buoyancy activated gates on Brooks Lake Dam with a static level weir.  This will be a challenging job according to Mr. Steubing with an estimated cost of $3.5 million.

Cara Davis with the City of Pearland started that they have a smaller CIP this year with approximately $66 million in construction.  Mrs. Davis asked that all contractors go online and register with the City of Pearland in order to receive notification of all of the Cities outgoing projects.  Contractors can register for the types of projects they wish to be notified about and the system will automatically send you a notice when those jobs come out.  Mrs. Davis stated that over the next five years the City of Pearland will have $545 million worth of projects coming out, mostly in water and wastewater. In 2017 there are three drainage projects worth $6.8 million coming out.  There are also three parks projects totaling $5.2 million.  There are three facility rehabilitation projects totaling $10.5 million.  There are seven street projects worth $23.3 million.  There are four water projects totaling $8.7 million and three wastewater projects worth $9.8 million.

Scott Elmer with the city of Missouri City said that he has a TxDOT posted bid for the reconstruction and widening of Trammel-Fresno road with an estimated construction cost of $5.2 million.  Adams Street reconstruction is a residential street reconstruction with new storm sewers and sidewalks worth $2.4 million.  Glen Lakes Bridge is a bridge over Oyster Creek with a construction cost of $1.6 million.  Ashmont Drive is a residential street reconstruction worth $2.4 million.  Mr. Elmer stated that this project has a lot of residential driveways for you to enjoy.  Under future projects, Mr. Elmer stated that Missouri City has $30.5 million worth of projects that will be let within the next 18 months.  The largest of the projects will be a regional water treatment plant expansion with an estimated cost of $13 million.  

Pedro Gonzales with the Port of Houston stated that 2016 was a pretty good year for the Port Authority, spending $242 million. The average yearly construction for the Port is about $200 million.  Construction for 2017 will be down compared to other years, but should be about $73 million.  Bayport terminal will receive a fireboat dock and rehabilitation on the East side of the terminal.  There will also be a railroad spur and several security cameras.  At the Barbours Cut terminal there will be a telecommunication terminal project and an electrical switchyard project.  Mr. Gonzales stated that the Port is doing a lot of design work this year and in 2018 the construction should be back up to $258 million and $257 million in 2019.

For a copy of the handout for this event please go to your HCA web page and download a copy.

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