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HCA Welcomes Radio Personality, Sam Malone

Sunday, June 15, 2014  

June 2014
by Jeffrey Nielsen

This month the Houston Contractors Association was proud to have longtime, local radio personality and current talk show host Sam Malone as our luncheon speaker.  Sam brought to the luncheon a light and refreshing sense of humor, entertaining the audience with tails of his arrival in Houston from Philadelphia and of his years as a morning, drive-time radio host.  He talked about the growing influence of social media upon America and how the communication of ideas and information has radically changed since the advent of the smart phone.  Mr. Malone used as an example of the changing technology his own show, stating that the radio show he does now along with the live video feed is all done remotely, away from the studio.  He also said that his entire studio in the video stream is generated via green screen technology, “none of its real including the desk” said Sam.  Mr. Malone continued by introducing the audience to his new aerial production service that uses video drones to film residential and commercial properties for marketing purposes.  The drones film in full high definition 1080 DPI, capture 360 degrees around the point of interest and have a real-time video link monitoring system.  Mr. Malone stated that it will be this kind of technology combined with the explosion of personal, portable technology AKA smart phones that will revolutionize how ideas are presented, items are marketed and products sold in the future.